WandaVision Easter Eggs Episode 7

WandaVision Easter Eggs Episode 7

I’m starting the Emmy Awards campaign by Elizabeth Olsen and Kathryn Hahn. Who would like to participate?


First, while Wanda is lying in bed, you can see that the shapes on her bedspread are hexagons, a nod to the shape of the Westview city limits, also known as The Hex.


Wanda starts speaking to a cameraman and breaks the fourth wall, a nod to Modern Family.


The colors of Tommy and Billy’s clothes in this episode are a nod to the colors of their superhero costumes in the comics. Tommy always wears green, while Billy’s outfit is red.


Wanda and Vision’s house has once again changed to match the time they are in, and parts of it resemble the interior of Phil and Claire’s house in Modern Family.

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Looks like Wanda and Vision don’t have the broken stride that Phil Dunphy normally had to deal with.


The kitchen also looks similar to Phil’s and Claire’s kitchen in Modern Family, and there’s even a nod to Claire’s obsession with having Haley, Luke, and Alex’s schedules planned on a calendar.


The only way to really notice this detail is by watching with the subtitles on, but the radio station Wanda listens to is WNDA, a nod to her own name.


While I can’t tell if that missing kid on the milk carton is anyone important, it probably just indicates that Billy and Tommy will go missing later in the episode.


Wanda eats Sugar Snap’s cereal, which is likely a reference to Thanos’ snap from Avengers: Infinity War.


Also, the Sugar Snaps box contains a clown who points out that Wanda turned all the SWORD agents in The Hex into circus performers.


The opening credits in episode 7 are a nod to the opening sequence of Happy Endings, which used different styles of the same word over and over again.

Disney + / Marvel / ABC

Also, for the first time, Vision is pretty much missing in the opening credits.


Prior to making multiple MCU films, Anthony and Joe Russo were executive producers and directors of Happy Endings. Matt Shakman, who shot all of the WandaVision episodes, also shot an episode of Happy Endings.


During the opening credits, Wanda’s license plate bears the number “122822”, which actually stands for December 28, 1922, the day Stan Lee’s birthday was.


Also, if you pause the opening credits at the right moment, you can see that one of the messages reads, “I know what you’re doing, Wanda”. This is a nod to vision realizing what is actually going on.


And there’s a heart in the calendar in the opening credits that references the heart in the calendar in Episode 1, and the font is the same as the Modern Family title card.


Obviously, Darcy, an escape artist in Westview, fits in with being handcuffed to a car before The Hex expands.


Red is still a very important color in WandaVision as it is linked to Wanda’s powers. In episode 7, you can see her eating from a red cereal bowl.


Wanda and Billy both wear red throughout the episode, which, quite frankly, is an adorable nod to the fact that Wanda and Billy have similar personalities and powers.

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I stood by each of the mighty Maximoff twins. Don’t worry, Pietro and Tommy are the ~ cool ~ twins, and I love them too.


When Wanda’s reality starts to break in the house, you can see the stairs briefly return to the Brady Bunch-style stairs from Episode 3.


You can also spot the plant that Agnes brought to Wanda in Episode 1.


And the beloved stork from Tommy and Billy’s bedroom, brought to life in episode 3, reappears briefly.


The commercial for Nexus is actually super important. In the comics there is the idea of ​​the nexus of all realities, which is a gateway through which you can get to all possible realities.

Disney + / Marvel

The launch of the Nexus of All Realities could establish Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the next MCU object to star Elizabeth Olsen.


Also in the Marvel Comics there is the idea of ​​”nexus beings” who are individuals who can influence probability and the future. Vision and Wanda are both considered nexus beings.


And Nexus beings are closely watched by the Time Variance Authority, a group of people who oversee the timeline. In the trailers we saw for Loki, he wears prison overalls with the letters “TVA” on, which probably stands for “Time Variance Authority”. You can start screaming now.

Disney + / Marvel

When Loki stole the Tesseract in the endgame and jumped from the events in Avengers at a different time, he likely alerted the TVA.


As Monica advances into Westview, you can hear moments from Captain Marvel.

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In episode 4, when Monica returned after Thanos’ snapshot, she also heard this line from Carol that she was tough.


And you can hear Nick Fury telling Monica in Captain Marvel that once she learns to “glow” like Carol, she can meet her in space. Well, Monica can now “glow” because she has powers just like Carol.


After entering Westview, Monica can now see different forms of energy. In the comics, Monica’s main strength is that she can control herself and turn it into energy.

Disney + / Marvel

Monica as a photon is finally here and I scream.


If you look carefully you can see that Wanda is apparently taking one of the Nexus pills.


Only a Marvel show would make me suspicious of a literal postman, but he always interacts with Agnes right after she speaks to Wanda. In this episode he works for “Presto”, a term normally used by magicians.

Disney + / Marvel

Can’t wait to officially apologize to this poor delivery man at the end of the season because he’ll turn out to be a random person.


When Wanda walks into Agnes’ house and notices Billy and Tommy are gone, Yo Gabba Gabba !, the original, which aired from 2007 to 2015, is on TV. This is just another brilliant detail that can be used to set the time period.


The reveal you probably saw coming if you read my detailed posts, but Agnes is officially Agatha Harkness. In the comics, Agatha is a powerful Marvel witch who becomes a major mentor to Wanda and whose storyline is also linked to the Scarlet Witch’s twins.

Disney + / Marvel

In the words of Doctor Strange: “We are now in the final.”


I am going to need someone much smarter than me to tell me what the symbol is in Agnes / Agatha’s book, but it glows orange. Agatha’s powers are linked to Lila, so someone else is definitely up to something here.


The super catchy opening credits for “Agatha All Along” seem to be a reference to The Munsters.


And finally, that episode gave us our first post-credit scene. You can see Monica’s eyes turn purple after Pietro sneaks behind her, indicating that like Wanda, she is now under Agatha’s control.

Disney + / Marvel

Plus, a post-credit scene in episode 7 is the perfect little detail that indicates we are leaving the sitcom-like world and are now on a full blown MCU-style TV show.

Did you catch other Easter eggs or cool details? Do you have a better theory for any of the above? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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