The cast and characters of the Great North

The cast and characters of the Great North

Yes, that is Alanis Morissette as a giant constellation.

I don’t know about you, but with the 1 year anniversary of quarantine fast approaching (* screams into space *) I could use a little pickup, i.e. a brand new show to obsess over! If you would like that too, I would like to introduce you to the Great North.

The new animated series – from the creators of Bob’s Burgers – follows Beef (yep, you heard me), a fisherman and divorced father of three who is raising his family in Alaska. The show features quirky characters, small-town gadgets, and a larger than life imaginary friend made of stars!

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You’re probably wondering who’s playing a guy named Beef? And I’m so glad you asked! Check out the full list of characters from The Great North, alongside the actors they portray:

John Lamparski / Getty Images / Fox

The Parks and Rec alum plays Beef, a single father who has a hard time letting go of his ex-wife and getting back into the ~ dating scene. ~ He’s a fisherman who loves curling and hates change!

Taylor Hill / Getty Images / Fox

Former Big Mouth voice actress plays Judy, Beef’s 16-year-old daughter who wants to explore the world and pursue her arts. She is also very committed to her family and struggles with independence!

Miikka Skaffari / Getty Images / Fox

The actor Last Man on Earth plays Wolf, the oldest son of the Tobin family. He is more sensitive than his siblings and just wants to make his father proud. He’s engaged to Honeybee!

Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty / Fox

Stand-up comedian and Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan plays Honeybee, Wolf’s fiancée. She loves shrek and avocados (same, tbh) and controls life in Alaska. Read our exclusive interview with her here!

Paul Rust as Ham Tobin

Rich Polk / Getty Images / Fox

Love star Paul Rust speaks to Ham, the second oldest Tobin brother and Judy’s “Alaskan twin”. He has an affinity for baking and continues to remind his family that he’s gay even though he’s been on the go for years.

Moon Tobin as Aparna Nancherla

Rich Fury / Getty Images / Fox

The comedian Aparna Nancherla plays the youngest Tobin Moon. He wears an adorable bear suit and is – despite being a small child – the bravest member of the family. He’s also the most likely to get into trouble.

Jean-Baptism Lacroix / Getty Images / Fox

My Queen of Will & Grace (and Nick Offerman’s wife) play Alyson, Judy’s boss at the photo shop at the local mall. I ship them and beef for obvious reasons.

And finally Alanis Morissette as an expansive, imaginary version of yourself!

CBS Photo Library / Getty Images / Fox

The rocker “You Oughta Know” plays in the form of Judy’s imaginary character, who can be seen in the Aurora Borealis. She’s nonsense and always tries to give it to Judy directly when she seeks advice … though most of the time she’s ignored.

See the entire cast and upcoming guest stars at Great North every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. on Fox!

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