Tekashi 69 puts the music video on “Za Za”

Tekashi 69 puts the music video on

Tekashi 69

Just when we all thought the drama between Meek Mill and Tekashi 69 had calmed down after their argument last week, Tekashi rekindled it on Instagram. Earlier today, Tekashi shared a video clip for the song “Za Za”, which shows footage of the argument between the two rappers.

Tekashi is surrounded by many gorgeous women in the music video, including influencers, The Double Dose Twins, and others. Immediately after the twins were seen twerking, the video cuts and shows the heated exchange that didn’t result in an intense physical fight with him and Meek. In the video, viewers can presumably see Meek with his crew and security when Tekashi showed up and started yelling at him. The two rappers and their respective security teams got into a screaming match in which Tekashi accused Meek of collaborating with the cops.

Tekashi titled the Instagram post: “ALL THOSE RAPPER HAVE MY NAME IN THEIR MOUTH, BUT IF YOU HAVE ME IN REAL LIFE, THEY HAVE EVERY excuse in the world. I KNOW! ZAZA. THE KING IS FU ** NG BACKKKKKKKK. ZAZA OUT NOW GO WATCH SHARE REPOST. “Several roommates left comments stating that Tekashi was petty and chasing clout with Meek. Wild N ‘Out Castmate Zoie walked into The Shade Room and commented, “That was the whole purpose anyway !!!!! THIS MAN IS A CLOUT DEMON! “Tekashi also stepped in and commented,” Stop making excuses for him … HE TWEETED ABOUT ME FOR TWO YEARS … but when he saw me IN PERSON he was all scared. “He didn’t want to go to jail.” Another excuse. IF YOU ARE ANGRY, JUST SAY THAT. “

Just last Sunday Meek dropped, he dropped what appeared to be a diss song against Tekashi. In the song, he talks about sniffing and flexing on social media. Listen down below.

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