SNL toasted Ted Cruz in a Britney Spears sketch

SNL toasted Ted Cruz in a Britney Spears sketch

“I’m in a little hot water. Nobody in Texas has what I’ve been told.”

If you haven’t lived under a rock, you’ve probably heard Senator Ted Cruz leave Texas and fly to Cancun while his state was dealing with freezing temperatures and power outages.

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After receiving a major backlash, Ted claimed he only traveled to “be a good father” and to accompany his daughters. Maybe he should have tried harder to be a good senator!

Well, good old SNL took the opportunity to make fun of all of that.


Chloe Fineman did a wonderful job as Britney Spears! And Aidy Bryant killed it as Ted Cruz!

In the sketch, “Britney” hosted a new show called Oops, You Did It Again, where celebrities and politicians can apologize if they screw it up.


She also gave a hilarious greeting to her sponsor, the Notes app: “Want to post a lame apology 20 years late? Go over the moves with the Notes app!”

When “Britney” commented on how light brown “Ted” looked, he had this questionable answer.

She brought up “Ted” who was giving up his condition and he responded to the backlash.

And he joked about his deepest regrets over the past few days.

After she looked at him seriously, he apologized and made a very close watch.

“Ted” also confessed to blaming his children for the whole thing.

And “Britney” had the perfect answer!

Then they finished their interview with some dance moves and insights into what Texans need to be feeling right now.


Obviously sarcasm above. This is how Texans feel about Ted Cruz.

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