REPORT: The UK nightlife is unlikely to reopen until September

Dance club

British nightlife is desperate to reopen, but unfortunately has to wait.

Minister of Economy and Industry and COVID Vaccine Deployment, Nadhim Zahawi, said nightclubs and music venues are not expected to reopen until September at the earliest. This is to give the majority of the population the right time to get vaccinated.

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally spoke about nightclub reopening plans. He said rapid tests combined with a mass vaccine would be key to safely reopening nightlife businesses across the country. His roadmap to end COVID-19 restrictions will be released next Monday.

Additionally, Zahawi didn’t rule out continuing social distancing, masks, and other safety measures for future events.

A recent MORI survey by Ipsos found that 89% of the UK population plan to be vaccinated. The survey also found that 73% of Australians, 71% of Americans, 68% of Germans and 57% of French plan to take the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has called for government support, warning that UK nightclubs may be “extinct” due to restrictions to fight the coronavirus.

Source: Mixmag




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