Lost in Dreams: Insomniac Announces New Music Festival and Record Label

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insomnia announces an exciting development in the form of a new music festival and record label, Lost in dreams.

The concept welcomes a different world of sound and celebrates the beautiful side of bass music and beyond. So far no word about the first release or when the festival will take place, but the EDM community is there for that.

Insomniac shares in the post below:

Since 1993 we have made it our goal to create a home for every type of dance music fan. We’re excited to continue this mission with Lost In Dreams, a brand new festival with its own record label that will open up a new world of future bass, melodic dubstep and vocal driven dance music.

In 2018 Insomniac Records expanded its scope with the start of Insomniac Music Group, an umbrella of footprints that contains HARD Recs, Bass rush records, IN CHANGE, Dream state records, discovery Project and more.

Insomniac continues to curate its own universe of music and events with Lost in Dreams. Check out the teaser below and get ready for a new wave of sound coming soon.

Lost in dreams

Photo via Doug Van Sant for Insomniac Events




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