John Oliver talks about Ted Cruz’s Cancun vacation ahead of deadly Texas winter storm – Deadline

John Oliver talks about Ted Cruz's Cancun vacation ahead of deadly Texas winter storm - Deadline

It’s another uncomfortable week of news, and perhaps one of the most devastating news has been the winter current to hit the country – Texas specifically. During the first part of last week tonight, John Oliver unpacked the “full blown humanitarian crisis” in Texas, with the state having no electricity, no shortage of clean water and dozens of deaths.

Fox News said the blackouts during the Texas Storm were due to green energy, particularly frozen wind turbines. Tucker Carlson insisted, saying that green energy means a less reliable power grid. He underlined that with “it’s science!”

Oliver responded to Carlson’s thoughts by pointing out that his advertisers basically include “a man in a sexual relationship with a pillow.” He also dragged Carlson and said, “Just because you insist out loud that something is science! don’t make it science … that’s science “

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He continued, “After all, it is just absurd to call windmills a silly fashion accessory. The only time you could make that claim was when Bachelor candidate Deandra dressed up as a windmill for her night, a clear reference to Peter and Hannah’s fantasy suite fuckfest, and even then, it’s not silly . It’s awesome. “

Texas Governor Greg Abbott further fueled Carlson’s Green Deal rating, telling Sean Hannity, “It shows how deadly the Green Deal would be.”

“He knows the horse is,” said Oliver. The host unpacked the facts and said that Texas only relies on wind power for about 25% of its total electricity. The vast majority of Texan energy comes from thermal heat sources that were hit by the storm. Even if the wind turbines in Texas stopped spinning, the state would be, as Oliver put it, “in the deep.”

Texas is not on the federal power grid. The majority of the state is in its own electricity grid, which was part of the cause of the disaster. The Texas heads of state and government designed it to avoid federal regulation.

Olive said independence meant Texas had limited ability to import energy from neighboring states and that Ercot, the company that manages the state’s power grid, was under significant pressure.

During the storm, Ercot got up to meet the increasing demands. They have since admitted Texas was “seconds and minutes” away from catastrophic months of blackouts.

“Ercot wasn’t alone when it came to not being prepared for the storm,” explained Oliver. “It manages the grid, but not the utilities that supply it.” Ercot couldn’t force companies to winterize their facilities to prepare for the storm. The state left this to the utility companies – and many of those companies decided against the upgrades because they were too expensive.

This isn’t the first time Texas has been hit by a winter storm. Although it wasn’t that strong, there was a storm for 10 years that caused large outages. As a result, federal regulators warned that power plants would need to be winterized to prevent this from happening. Oliver berated state officials 10 years ago and said what would happen if they didn’t act. Obviously, they didn’t act.

“So many problems this week stem from the Texas state’s ‘everyone for himself’ philosophy, and that attitude has defined the response of its elected officials,” said Oliver.

Tim Boyd, Mayor of Colorado City, Texas, wrote on Facebook: “Nobody owes you to be your family, and it is not the responsibility of the local government to assist you during difficult times like these!” The backlash was so strong that he stepped back.

Then there’s “the saga of Ted Fucking Cruz,” as Oliver put it. Strongly reported, Cruz went to Cancun with his family. When photos of him surfaced on social media, he returned to Texas the next day and said his original plan was to go to Cancun and drop off his family and then come back.

It only got worse for Cruz when he admitted that wasn’t the plan. He basically threw his kids under the bus and said they wanted to go to Cancun and he was just trying to be a good father.

Additionally, a string of text was leaked between Heidi Cruz and the neighbors suggesting they should all go on vacation to Cancun.

Then there is former governor and former US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, who said Texas would live without electricity to keep federal regulators out of their business. Of course, Oliver didn’t crush any words in his answer.

“Oh damn it, Rick Perry,” shadowed Oliver. “Far be it from me to question the wisdom of a man who failed to run for president twice and who came in 12th at Dancing With the Stars.”

He continued, “This mess only happened because those in charge didn’t implement critical lessons 10 years ago. I would like to believe that they will learn lessons from this week. Just remember who you are dealing with here . ” From there, pictures of Cruz and Abbott flashed on the screen.

Calling on viewers to help the citizens of Texas through, Oliver said, “They deserve better than a pat on the back of their steadfastness and independence when they shake to death and representatives who are at the first sign of Mexico run away, attention. “




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