Jim Jones and Fat Joe attend the event for the street renamed after Fred The

Jim Jones and Fat Joe attend the event for the street renamed after Fred The

Today, on the late rapper Fred The Godson’s 36th birthday, several people showed up in the snow to celebrate the unveiling of the road after him in the Bronx. On the corner of Leggett Avenue and Kelly Street in Fred’s home suburb of The Bronx, it has been renamed Frederick ‘Fred the Godson’ Thomas Way ‘. In attendance were his widow LeAnn Jemmott, Fat Joe, Jim Jones, Sway Calloway, the President of the Bronx, Ruban Diaz, and others.

Hot 97 was in attendance, capturing both Fat Joe and Jim Jones, who gave speeches reflecting Fred’s character and friendship. Joe said, “It’s a beautiful day and it’s a sad day too. It’s bittersweet. The special thing about Fred was that he wanted to make you feel special. Even though he is who he is, he wants to put a smile on their face every time he sees people. “He went on to say how Fred really was his friend and how they would talk and tell jokes in the studio for hours.

Jim also gave a moving speech in which he shared how Fred inspired him to make music again. “It was a time when I really didn’t want to make music and I came into the studio with him and Fred there was like,“ No, you have to go to this booth, that’s what people wanted to hear. I felt like I was back at school with Fred. He gave me the inspiration I needed to come back here. I just pray that he’ll hold me tight. “Jim also got emotional during the speech, saying he loved Fred to death.

Fred’s widow LeeAnn shared a picture with the street sign on her Instagram and wrote “Happy Birthday, Baby !!! Today was your day … Big Bronx Forever !! “If you remember, Fred passed away in April 2020 due to complications with COVID-19. Let us continue to keep his family and friends in prayer.

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