Dulcé Sloan on animation for the Great North

Dulcé Sloan on animation for the Great North

10. What is a misconception people have about you?

I’m not a writer on The Daily Show. People ask, “What’s it like to be a writer?” And I say, “I don’t know, you should ask one of the writers.” I write for fields. We work together on what the script should look like and all that. But when it comes to writing loans? She’s in the SAG, she’s in front of the camera.

11. What is the last book you read?

I’m reading a crime novel – A Guide to Mischief and Chaos. I love a historical situation. You know, I love a woman out here who solves crimes, but I don’t need it to be too difficult. I don’t need anything where … it all happens at night. I don’t need your broadchurches, your really heavy ones. I need a father Brown, I need Murdoch Mysteries. I need something sweet and something beautiful, like a psychological situation.

12. What is your favorite Honeybee’s line?

“Is that a sex moose?”

13. What was your biggest fangirl moment?

When I met Angela Bassett I was on the show that day doing a desk piece and she was the guest, and my desk piece was right before she came. She walks up to me and holds my hand and says, “You were so great.” I said, “Thank you!” And she said, “You did such a great job.” I said thank you! ”She speaks to me and then I say,“ Angela Bassett, I’m so sorry. ”She said,“ What? ”I said,“ I’m about to pass out. I hear everything, I want to take it all in. But if I fall, I don’t want to take you with me. “I said to myself,” Stop talking. Let her talk to you. ”But I wanted to pass out and said,“ You’re going to land on Angela Bassett. ”I felt so bad and when she left the interview she said,“ Are you all right? ”I said, “Yes ma’am. I am so sorry. I wanted to talk to you! “I never get hit by the stars, I usually don’t care. But yes, this time.

14. When was the first time you were recognized?

I brought my mother to Cancun for Christmas 2018. They had switched gates at the last minute, so I ran through Cancun airport and tried to find my gate. I’m in a gift shop trying to get to the other terminal. Then this guy says, “Hey, don’t I know you?” And I say, “If you do, come on!” and he says, “You are on the Daily Show?” I say, “Yes, I am.” And he said, “Oh, well …” I said, “Sir. Sorry, but if you want a picture you have to go with me. I don’t miss my flight. Come on, let’s go.” And so he went with me, and then he runs and grabs his mother. And she says, “Oh my god.” I’ve talked to her and him, but that’s what I remember most. I was recognized at the airport in Mexico.

15. What about an animated show that people wouldn’t expect?




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