Cable News Networks Shifts To Covering Tiger Woods Car Accident Deadline

Cable News Networks Shifts To Covering Tiger Woods Car Accident Deadline

When it became known that Tiger Woods was injured in a serious car accident in Los Angeles, the cable news networks quickly switched to non-stop coverage, breaking off what looked like a day of DC politics.

The networks made an effort to book sports reporters and commentators to talk about the accident, its health history and its impact on sport. The scope of coverage reflected Wood’s status as one of the greatest golfers – and athletes – of all time.

“This is a tough guy, a very strong guy … he knows what it takes to endure a significant amount of pain,” said sportscaster Jim Gray on Fox News, which like other networks updates his condition along with overhead – Helicopter footage of the neighborhood where the crash took place, Rancho Palos Verdes, along with footage of the accident site.

Tiger Woods injured in car crash in Los Angeles, freed with “Jaws Of Life”

Such breaking news moments are often an exercise in filling the time with relatively little information about what happened.

On MSNBC, the Washington Post’s Cindy Boren spoke about Woods’ recent problems with his back and his recent surgery. She was asked if Woods was determined to keep playing to break Jack Nicklaus’ record for Masters victories. “His children are more important to him now,” she said.

On CNN, Kyung Lah read a PGA statement mentioning that Woods had an operation, but warned that she did not know when the statement was written.

“These images are obviously very alarming,” she said, referring to images of the mangled car that Woods was reportedly removed from via the jaws of life.

“It’s a tough blow. We are obviously sitting here wishing him all the best. We think of his family and his two children, ”said Anker Brooke Baldwin.

Earlier in the day, CNN and MSNBC hosted the Senate hearing on the siege of the Capitol while Fox News stepped on and off the process and largely stuck to their regular programs, including Outnumbered.




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