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Study Tips for College and High School Students

If you are struggling in school, this can help you change the way you study. I’m sure you know all the usual suggestions: make a schedule, take a break every 20 minutes, reduce distractions, read this chapter before class, organize materials, etc. These are all good ideas, but none of these problems solve the fundamental problem of learning failure. You may not really think about materials in a way that helps you remember them. I will introduce 2 study skills and techniques, these skills and techniques can change your view of materials, changing your learning level and academic performance.

The most important element of good learning is: interest.

Easier said than done. What if you think the topic is boring? Well, if the material or presentation doesn’t naturally grab your attention, you should put your interest in the material.

The second most important part helps the first part: you have to ask questions. Ask questions until you are interested. During the lecture, when reading, when discussing the subject with people, and when asking questions when looking at the flash memory card. asking questions. When you ask a question, consider the material and make connections between things to help you remember the material.

In addition, if you are interested, you will enjoy learning more than others.

Interested again … Use your own interests to get interested in the material.

do you like to watch movies? Compare what you are researching with the plot, setting, or character of the movie.

  • If you are studying biology, determine which part of the animal, plant or specific pathway or
  • The ecosystem will be your favorite movie star and why.
  • Write your own script and let the parts perform tasks just like an adventure.
  • Ask yourself when performing this operation – immerse yourself in it.

Do you like art? Create collages, paintings, or drawings that somehow represent what you are learning.

Do you like dancing?

The composition represents the action you are learning. Let others dance with you. If you share, you can even get some extra points.

Do you like to travel?

Treat the subject as if you were studying international relations. Which part of you study, which part or which party has problems with other people and why?

Do you love music?

Write songs about your topic, or write new lyrics for favorite songs related to the topic you are researching. Try to make it funny or sexy as you are more likely to remember it this way. Challenge your friends to write rap on various topics to share with each other. Another opportunity to earn extra credit?