Student Study Tips

When you are about to give an exam you just need to do some homework, then you really should bow your head and move on. However, many students just don’t know how to learn effectively. I hope the learning skills of these students can help them. By using some of these skills, you will find that your work efficiency will be greatly improved.
1. Anytime, anywhere everything you need. Get up and have to hold a pen or water, this will not affect your studies. Therefore, before you sit down, make sure you have all your notes, stationery, food and study books at hand!
2. Turn off the phone. You should not turn it on when you are trying to focus. If you don’t need to use the computer, turn it off too! The same goes for TV. Basically turn off any electrical devices that could distract you.
3. One of the best learning skills of students is not to keep working. Long-term study will not benefit you at all. At some point, your brain will have to rest because it cannot absorb more information. A good schedule is 15 minutes of study per hour.
4. Make sure to plan your field of study. While you may be focusing on one element because you don’t understand it, you don’t want to spend all of your study time on it, which would hurt other elements of the course. Basically, anything you cover in your class should be researched.
5. Always choose a quiet location for the study course. If there is no silence in your house, you can visit the library at any time.
6. Make yourself comfortable while studying. I hate sitting at a desk, but lying on my bed with “study materials” on the floor. This is a bit unconventional, of course, but the added comfort I found really made my learning easier.
7. Test yourself constantly during the learning process. A good technique is to take basic notes and scroll through them to see what you can remember. The more you remember, the more motivated you are to study the course.
8. Some people find that they speak “out loud”, that they will learn better and absorb more information, so why not form a study group? Although this certainly cannot replace your personal study course.
The learning skills of these students are of course very basic, but many people seem to forget them. As I said before, put all of this into action and your brain will start to absorb information just like you never imagined

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