Learning English in Another Country is Possible

Learning English effectively while living abroad is a challenge. Although English courses may be offered, English language courses may not be offered. In addition, students rarely have the opportunity to practice their skills, which makes learning the language difficult. Keep these tips in mind if you want to learn English effectively while living abroad.

Release your fears

One of the problems most people face when trying to learn a foreign language (including English) is anxiety. When we were kids, when we learned our native language, we were rarely afraid to say the wrong thing. After all, everyone praises and rewards children for their attempts to speak. But as we get older, we find that speech mistakes can make people laugh. When we try to learn another language, we are afraid to practice our skills because of the fear of this natural mockery. However, practice is essential for learning English, so you need to overcome this fear and start practicing as much as possible.

Looking for native speakers

Participation in courses taught by people learning English as adults will not decrease. If possible, you should find courses taught by native speakers of English. If not, take a lesson with someone who has lived in an English-speaking country for some time. This will help you learn correct pronunciation while learning the language.


One of the best ways to learn English is to listen to English. After you have learned some basic vocabulary, you can get in touch with someone who can speak English. Watch English TV shows or movies, listen to English radio stations or visit websites where you can hear English. Listening to people in an environment outside of the classroom, especially native speakers, can help you develop a language atmosphere. You will learn which non-standard words are used in everyday conversations, how people communicate with each other and what kind of irony is used by English speakers.

If you are watching TV shows or movies in English, check if the TV can be set to show English subtitles. This will help you when trying to listen to spoken English. You can also see written text to help you verify your understanding.

Find someone to practice with

You must practice in developing understanding. Find someone who can practice an English conversation with you, be it a native speaker or someone who is learning English as a second language. Sometimes you go out and do some interesting things, but you only speak English. Just like when you learned your native language as a baby, you need to speak English regularly so that you can learn English effectively.

Reading English

Once you have mastered the basic vocabulary and grammar, you can start reading in English. Even if you have to start with simple illustrated books and magazines, reading in English will help you understand the language better. Keep English books at home and read as much as possible. This will help you to think in English, showing that you are learning English effectively.

Since you live abroad and are not surrounded by English speakers, learning English will be more challenging. If you use the Internet, you can find English courses and language learning programs online. Practice as much as possible and don’t be afraid to fail. Soon you will be speaking as efficiently as a native speaker, and your grammar may be better!

Online English schools offer courses to help you learn English at your own pace and provide you with all the materials you need to read, write and speak.


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