Tips For a Successful Student Teaching Experience

I have been a co-lecturer and master teacher for many years. I have also served as an on-site supervisor for trainee teachers at various universities. I have witnessed some great but not great students. You want to make your experience as positive as possible. You can achieve the goal of a successful student teaching experience.
Contact the school and partner teachers as soon as possible after assigning the homework. Make agreements. This should be done before the first day of school.
When you arrive at school, introduce yourself to the office workers. They are very helpful and can make sure everything runs smoothly. Ask for the school manual and familiarize yourself with the rules. You are expected to follow them. Find the director and introduce yourself.
Make sure you have a calendar for the school year. You must know the dates of the semester, including holidays, in-service teachers, and exam dates. Sometimes your college and school district holidays are different. You must follow the school district calendar.
Before meeting the teacher, please briefly enter your address and telephone number. Provide the teacher with a biography and a handbook to explain what is expected.
Teachers also need to know your agenda. You start on the first day of the semester, but in most cases you leave earlier. The university / college semester ends for the public school. This means that the teacher has the whole class and must be prepared.
Make sure to talk to the teacher by last name. If he / she says they can use their names, don’t use them in class. I also hope that the teacher will call you with your last name.
Always on time. Leave home early and come for class. Traffic congestion is not a good excuse.
Dress professionally – don’t wear jeans. Even if there is a casual wear policy, we must maintain a professional level. The way you dress has left a deep impression. The competent authority knows that you are a student. If you keep a professional look, you will notice it.
Plan ahead. Develop lesson plans with your partner teachers. Make sure they are approved. If you want to go with other methodologies without the teacher’s permission. Some teachers want you to do things your way, and others let you spread your wings. Always receive feedback after completing the course.
Workaround. In case of failure, you may have the best lesson plan. Always unexpected: fire drills, special guest speakers, locks. Do not let these incidents disturb you. There will always be another day.
If you want to be absent, report this to the teacher and the school as soon as possible. Do not work via email. Most teachers don’t have time to read emails before school is over. Call the telephone exchange and leave a message. Ask your teacher for a report.
Keep a diary. Pay attention to classroom management skills, the beginning of the lesson, and the end of the lesson. What do you think this teacher is effective? Also write down what you think is invalid. If you are in class, pay attention to right / wrong. Write down how you are going to change it. This will start to give you ideas on how to run your own classroom.
Do not sit and let the teacher know that you are willing to participate. Ask the teacher what you can do. You can start with a roll of paper or dividing paper. This gives you the opportunity to meet students.When it comes to students, be a teacher, not a friend. You cannot have both.
Meet other teachers with the staff. Visit other classrooms. You can get ideas by observing courses that are not related to your topic. Teaching is a technology that transcends disciplines.
Lunch with the teacher. You will hear information about the school and students. Never gossip. language. Always maintain your credibility.
Participate in on-the-job days and employee meetings. Ask if you can participate in a parent / teacher conference. The more you know about the real world, the more successful you will be.
The student’s teaching experience can be exciting. The important thing is to organize and keep going. You are engaged in vocational education. If you follow these tips to get a successful student learning experience, not only will it be satisfying, but you can also end up with a ranking. good luck.

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