10 Steps of Being a Successful Student

The 10 Steps of Being a Successful Student

The 10 Steps of Being a Successful Student are designed to inspire students to become successful learners. I think that most of us have heard these steps: Identify your passions and turn your curiosity into action. Learn what interests you. Read as much as you can. Be sure to set aside time for fun and that includes reading.

These steps that I believe are at the root of the student’s motivation. For me, personally, one of the biggest factors in my success has been finding my passion. It is in that moment when you identify something you love to do or look at as a challenge that you are truly motivated to learn more about it. It is in this moment when the student’s desire to learn about something reaches an all-time high. This kind of drive is the kind of drive that can make a person successful.

Of course, there are also many things that are life lessons. My mother always told me that education was the key to happiness. I never believed her at first until I took education classes in college and learned that happiness could not be bought. I had to find happiness within myself first. Luckily, my mother is a great teacher.

The other steps are important but, I would argue that the first three are critical to a student’s success. These three steps are, first, desire, and second, finding the right way to pursue this desire. This last step is important because, if a student finds the right way to learn, he or she will enjoy the learning process more and, in turn, enjoy life more. This, ultimately, will lead to success in whatever they are trying to achieve.

Why do you think this is important? As you know, many people have a hard time succeeding at anything they set out to do in life because they don’t enjoy doing it. They go in with the best intentions but, deep down, they don’t feel like doing it. Why? Because it doesn’t bring pleasure to them. The more a person enjoys their work, the more likely they are to see results and become successful.

Desire is, in a sense, the first step of the process. You need to want to learn more so you can make the most of your learning experience. There is no way around this. However, this desire must be genuine. For instance, if a student wants to better himself as a student, he needs to put himself in a position where he can be challenged academically. Otherwise, he will stop learning and his chances of becoming successful diminish.

Finally, finding the right way to pursue success is vital. This can be achieved through self-discovery or by connecting with others who have been where you want to go.  Pursuing your passions will help you discover your true inner passions which, in turn, will help you create success.

Finally, after you have discovered, defined and begun to pursue your passions, you should pursue the knowledge that you have to provide to others. This will help you build on your strengths and improve your skills. As your skills improve, you will find your passion driving you to achieve greater success. And isn’t that truly what every successful student strives for?

When you have taken these essential steps, you are now ready to pursue your goals. The first step in that direction is to determine how you plan to attend college. Do you want to attend an accredited university or trade school?  What about majoring in something you are passionate about such as art, business, education or social work? Once you have made that decision, you need to decide how you will pay for your education.

The cost of education varies greatly depending on where you live. If you are thinking of attending an online university, for instance, you will likely need a student loan in order to pay for your education. The money you get in grants and scholarships are probably going to cover your education entirely. However, if you are planning on attending a traditional college, you will need to get a loan.

You also need to consider your personal life while you are pursuing your education. Are you able to handle your studies? Are you able to make time for your studies? As you make progress with your studies, will you be more successful? The last few steps of being a successful student are fairly simple. All you need to do is follow your heart and dream big!

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