3 Character Traits of Successful Students in High School

Three character traits

Choosing the three personality traits of successful high school students immediately caused a problem. Why not choose seven traits? We may have to choose many functions. How can we stop at three characteristics? We’ll stop at three points, as we believe these are essential to success in high school and beyond.

1. Courage to produce successful behaviors. Successful students increase their success when they use courage to make behavioral choices. The courage driven by faith makes people consciously choose to do what is right, regardless of the consequences. Courage makes successful high school students reject peer pressure. The result of this may be the rejection of the “participating” group, but the courage to accept it. High school students have the courage to reject illegal substances such as late at night, alcohol, cigarettes and the consumption of physical and intellectual energy. They consciously accept the expected results of other teenagers’ ridicule. Courage makes them refuse to face cheating or lower grade exams. Courage requires integrity – everything they do comes from the same fabric.

2. Love creates successful relationships. When high school students understand that true love means doing the best for the purpose of love, even with personal sacrifice, then they will be more successful. True love’s characteristics force students to consider the needs of others rather than personal needs. They give teachers and other school personnel the respect they deserve. They respect other students, learn from them, and help them achieve success. When important positions emerge, they will succumb to others and are willing to let others take first place. When they experience the normal feelings of the opposite sex, they avoid (using true love) falling into the trap of desire, which draws the attention of academic pursuits. They exercise their personality traits at home, which can make life smoother and more successful.

3. Responsibility generates success-oriented employment. Successful students who graduate from high school are responsible for the job they do: schoolwork. They will pay close attention during class and make sure they know exactly what the teacher expects from each course. They set realistic goals for meeting each of these obligations. They refuse to rely on others to remind themselves what to do, but choose to remind themselves. They will do their best to maximize their ability with any commitment, regardless of the time and energy required. They monitor progress to achieve their goals. When they failed to achieve their goals, they never made excuses, but instead walked forward, with constant consequences, and made new efforts to make up for their mistakes. They even use their free time to properly fulfill their obligations.

and last but not least

As a teacher and principal of a high school, I will choose these three from 66 character traits. Successful high school students have developed and continue to build many character traits in their lives, but they usually display a high degree of courage, love, and responsibility. Together they make it a successful adult.


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