Organic Chemistry Study Tips You May Want To Try

In this article, I’ll share an organic chemistry study technique you may want to try: taking notes in a lecture.

Now, before closing this page, think, “No, I know how to take notes,” please listen to me. Not only do you want to take notes, but you also want to take notes.

If you fall into one of the following categories, you may think it doesn’t apply to you

  • Your teacher gives you PowerPoint notes for the lecture
  • Your professor teaches textbooks
  • The previous student gives you a complete set of notes
  • Think again, what you are about to read applies especially to you.

Consider this:

You sit in class and follow the lecture in the textbook / slides / notes. Before you know it, these materials will be beyond your imagination. Maybe you keep going, maybe you are partially lost. What then caught your attention? You may see clouds, birds or butterflies outside the window. Lecture is over before you know it you don’t know what has been discussed and you have fallen behind.

Sounds familiar?

This can be prevented by taking notes

Keep your brain busy

When you are concentrating during speech (probably your eyes and ears), but you may not be fully focused on the speech.

When you actively take notes, when you pay attention to information about what needs to be written, you are now using your senses more.

This way, you can focus on the speech instead of focusing on any distractions outside the window. This will help keep you from drifting and falling behind.

Know where to focus when learning

While many professors can use similar courses to teach, and maybe even use the same textbook, each teacher has their own teaching and testing methods.

The topics your professor prefers are more likely to show up in upcoming exams and quizzes. Taking notes and writing down the examples cited is the best way to identify the types of problems the professor is concerned about.

In fact, you also have a clear idea of ​​which topics to skip.

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