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Study These Study Tips – 15 Ways

Continuous demand

Children often mistakenly think that the days of their studies are over after they finish high school or college. Most adults know the truth – there is always new knowledge to be gained at work and after work. In this article you will find 15 study tips. They can help you transition to a knowledge accumulator.

15 Study skills

1. Take a moment to look through the material before you begin reading.

2. Let the printing point you to important materials.

3. Interact with the material: underline, write questions in the blank, etc.

4. Use a high-level organizer – that is, understand what you want to read before troubleshooting.

5. After resting, try to research important information.

Take a break, take a break.

7. Snack foods rich in β-carotene (such as apricots and carrots).

8. Visualization. Imagine a huge filing cabinet in your head, waiting to be filled

Valuable information.

9. Create an environment conducive to learning.

10. Prepare paper and pen to write down relevant and irrelevant thoughts that came up while trying to absorb this new information.

11. Before you start learning, determine how much time you can spend. Also decide when to rest and how much you plan to pay. Follow your schedule.

12. Regularly change the type of material you study or change the chair you sit in. While resting, try to leave the area and breathe fresh air, or stop in the bathroom and then sprinkle cold water on your face.

13. Check what you have learned every 20 minutes.

14. John Dewey pointed out that the first step in learning from chaos. When I come across new knowledge, I feel a little uncomfortable. See for yourself that you can get to the end.

15. Improve your acceptance of learning by reminding yourself of the ultimate importance of learning.

Prepare yourself (and kids) for the future

Futurists tell us that those who have not learned how to learn have lower job security than those who are committed to constantly improving their thinking. May your journey last as long as possible. And I hope you share the milestones with young people who are on the same journey.