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5 Study Tips for Exams

Test time is the time when you feel scared, careless, or confident about what you did during the year. I’ve been through all these issues, the worst feeling is when I feel scared or careless, and the best feeling is when I feel confident about my work over the past year.

The problem is, fear paralyzes students before the exam. At this point, you should know that you can use this fear in a positive way to study hard and get the most out of the subject.

Here are some exam study tips:

Write down exam questions from previous years: The first thing to know is to know the main parts of the topic, and the fastest way to understand it is to write down exam questions from previous years. Writing questions for the 3 to 5 exams in previous years will give you a quick and in-depth understanding of the topic and areas to focus on.

Start with the part you know best: don’t use the part you don’t know to study for the exam. It is recommended to start researching what you know. It is also advisable to divide the parts you know into parts you don’t know, so as not to get bored while studying for the exam.

Study only the next subject you will be taking: You may consider studying this subject after the next exam as you will have some extra time. Doing so may leave you feeling confused during the next exam, so it is recommended that you do not continue studying and feel confused after the next exam.

Divide your time between the courses two weeks before the exam: each year there are long and difficult courses and some short and easy courses. Organize the time between each topic so you know how much time each topic consumes. For example, if you use 3 days for physics and math, 2 days for chemistry, and 1 day for English courses, this will allow you to complete all courses in the required time. Even if you have not completed the previous course, you must switch to another course within the specified time. That’s why it’s so important to spend enough time planning a study schedule.

Practice Adjusting Your Relaxation Time: For me, relaxation time is before going to bed. After waking up and taking a bath, during this time I practiced revisions by thinking carefully about the content of the entire day of research, which helped me quickly and easily remember the information while solving the exam. This helps me avoid power outages while troubleshooting the test.

I used these 5 study techniques to take the exam, and they got a high score of 97% in my high school, which helped me get to the technical school I’ve always dreamed of. I have realized one of the most important dreams that I have always dreamed of.