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3 Great Math Study Tips

For many students, learning math (be it algebra, geometry, or calculus) can be complicated .But I believe all students can pursue math study skills to improve their math scores and increase work efficiency during their studies.

1. Trust and study class notes

When teachers take the test, they will usually pay close attention to the problem based on the examples you get in class. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a copy of every example the teacher shows you and that you know how to solve the problem. Some students have trouble taking notes and concentrating at the same time. If so, please dedicate your time to the teacher’s attention, but make sure to get a copy of your notes from your classmates.

A good strategy for using class notes is to create your own tests with examples from the class. Pretend to be a teacher, then create a quiz by choosing several questions from each section of the notes, just like your teacher. Then try to complete the test taken and give yourself a score. By taking, completing, and grading quizzes you have created, you will learn a lot about which topics you have mastered and which topics require more work.

2. Seek help from parents, teachers, and other students

The last thing you want to do in a math class is falling behind. The topics or concepts you didn’t learn in Chapter 2 will disturb you in later chapters. If you think you don’t quite understand something, you should seek personal help. If possible, ask for help from your parents, add more one-on-one time to your teacher after class, or find another student who can explain and solve some problems for you.

3. Practice, practice, and practice again

For most students, simply reading the notes and completing the teacher’s homework questions is not enough. Of course, few students expect more work than they are assigned to, but if you really want to understand the material, finding the completed problem outside of the teacher’s assignment could be one of them—the fastest way to master it.

Free worksheets are an important source of additional math problems. By searching for worksheets related to the topic you are researching, you can find some websites that offer free worksheets and provide perfect answers for students to use for practice questions.