6 To-Do Tasks in First Week of Study

After being registered in the course, the next step is to prepare for the online course. Since you may not know the online learning system used by the school, the first week of the online course can be a bit confusing. You need to learn how to navigate the virtual “classroom”, how to interact with colleagues and professors through the online system, and how to familiarize yourself with the online learning environment. In the first week of online learning, you can perform the following 6 online learning skills:

1. Review the course requirements

After receiving the course requirements for each course, carefully check the requirements to make sure you can really handle the workload. Many online students drop out halfway through the course after discovering that they cannot solve the course. Don’t let this happen to you. If you find that the course is not suitable for you after checking the course requirements and the decision about withdrawl of course, please complete the course before the school deadline has passed to complete a full or partial course. to get. course refund.

2. Buy textbooks and other materials

Purchase all textbooks and other course materials as early as possible to ensure that you are not behind in online learning. Many schools have their own online bookstore or list of recommended bookstores where you can purchase course books and other materials.

3. Upgrade the computer hardware and install the required software

Does your computer meet the online system requirements? Most online learning systems can be accessed directly from regular Internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), but these online learning systems may only work well on certain minimum versions of Internet browsers (such as IE 6.0 or Firefox 2.0) Runs locally, so you need to upgrade it if you have an earlier version. The school may require you to install the software on your computer, and make sure to read the software requirements and upgrade your computer before installing the software.

4. Get to know each other with your teachers and fellow students

If you take an online course with many students, your online teacher may never know you. By using the online course bulletin board, let your teacher take the initiative to introduce yourself to briefly introduce yourself. A teacher who knows something about you will be more likely to help you complete this course. Make yourself an active member of online courses, take the initiative to get to know your colleagues and exchange your email or other online communication accounts with them. Having established a network between teachers and peers will make your online learning life easier.

5. Plan your study schedule

You should keep balance between your family, career (if any) and online study. A balance in life can only be achieved through good time management. Establish a regular learning schedule and do your best to stick to it. Be unavailable during these hours, and schedule your family time to match your study schedule so they don’t abandon each other.

6. Mark the test and homework schedule on the calendar

One of the most important factors for online student success is “self-motivation”. No one will look back at you and remind you of the due date of your homework and test schedule. Once you receive the syllabus (usually the syllabus given at the start of the online course), you should have sufficient motivation to include all assignments, quizzes, essays and projects in your personal calendar.


Preparing for class at the start of the online course will help you complete the learning process smoothly. Use the above 6 online learning skills to start learning.


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