Study Tips for Success

Whether formal or informal, I have been a student all my life. I have officially completed 6 years of primary education and 4 years of secondary education. I also enjoyed four years of teacher training, and in all these areas, I was always one of the best. In this article, I will guide you .

Study skills

Make a study calendar

don’t just study the topics you enjoy.

The calendar can help you balance what you may be overlooking. I suggest the vulnerabilities that require your special attention.

Diligent in keeping discipline –

always obey discipline to keep your own promises. Successful learning comes from discipline and can follow the goals you set. Success is not automatic but a conscious result of learning.

Join a research group –

Interestingly, when you share an idea on a topic, it opens the mind to things you’ve never seen before. I remember having three other colleagues during my O Level exam: we were responsible for each other’s research topics and left them to others when we were ready. My friends challenged me and asked me to gather information and delve into the topic. I always teach chemistry, and my friends do more work in physics and biology. The three of us have achieved excellent results in the scientific field, even in our teaching.

Join the library –

this is one of the cheapest things. The library environment stimulates learning and gives you the focus you need. You feel at home when you are with other people who are studying.

Review and Rehearsal:

Browse the materials you learned in class and any related materials. Most importantly, see if you can practice what you learned in class. The more you practice in reality, the more you become absorbed in your head. The revision can increase your confidence in the exam.

Collect previous exam papers –

this is the best way to master the types of questions asked during the exam. Try to determine the time and answer the same questions. Have someone check and mark your work. Soon you will be ready for the exam.

Make an order in your den –

if there is confusion, it will take longer to find information in your room. Always arrange the books clearly and arrange them for easy access. Sprinkling in the den can make you feel tired easily and can focus your attention on studying.

Eliminate disturbing noises –

mobile phone ringtones, song playback, will hinder the learning process. I know some people like to listen to soft music while studying. Individuals are different. Music tends to steal your time and energy. Create your best working atmosphere.

Get advice on the author and how to read books –

not every book is necessary for what you are studying. Your tutor or teacher will usually be happy to provide you with recommended textbooks. Don’t waste time on books you don’t need in the field of study.

Encourage learning enthusiasm –

if you don’t have direct learning enthusiasm, you will not like to learn. You must find in your body the desire for knowledge and the desire for understanding. It is this enthusiasm that motivates you to look for books and read them enthusiastically.

The main secret to passing the exam is the preparation you need to do. That is it. They say that preparing for failure prepares itself for failure.

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